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Default to Action


What this means: Most decisions are changeable. It's better to deliver something real today over something maybe better later.

Tips on how to apply this value:

“When I see a problem, I take action.” vs. “When I see a problem, I ignore it because it's someone else's job.”

"If I'm unsure about something, I seek out help from my manager or a teammate." vs. "I don't like to ask questions or raise issues because I'm afraid I'll look bad."

"I prefer to make a quick, decent decision instead of pursuing perfection." vs. "I hold myself to making perfect or near-perfect decisions no matter the cost."

"When prioritizing my day, I focus on tasks that align with my team's goals." vs. "I spin up new projects frequently and get frustrated when no one dedicates time to helping me."

"We tackle big hairy problems and take big bets diligently as team." vs. "I make big, tough to reverse decisions on my own."

Zapier teammates collaborating.

Default to Transparency


What this means: When working in a distributed, worldwide team staying on the same page is tough. Sharing context, goals, objectives, and in-progress work in public helps us all achieve a common goal.

Tips on how to apply this value:

"I keep my team members in tune with relevant information as it can be appropriately shared with context so there's rarely surprises." vs. "I hold back information until the very point it needs to be shared, even if it is a surprise to my teammates, that's OK."

"I share my work with my peers early and often so we can course correct quickly." vs. "I share my masterpiece at the end in a big grand reveal."

"I make it easy for others to follow my work by summarizing tasks accomplished and decisions made, and providing links to source material (such as a Slack thread) for deeper context." vs. "I share raw notes and all details of my work and decisions, and expect others have the time to consume it all."

"I distill reporting to what's relevant to my audience, linking out to details that are already understood." vs. "I share everything out of concern my audience might question my decision-making or productivity."

"When sensitive details come my way, I think twice and consult a manager before sharing publicly." vs. "I share far and wide just for transparency's sake."

The fully-remote Zapier team together for their 2016 retreat

Grow Through Feedback

Conscious Communication

What this means: We all have personal goals and ambitions. Let's work together to help us all achieve our goals.

Tips on how to apply this value:

“When I hear feedback, I improve with it.” vs. “When I hear feedback, I disengage.”

"I assume positive intent when receiving feedback." vs. "I feel attacked when receiving feedback."

“When a teammate's work helps me, I say thanks by sharing how.” vs. “I keep feedback to myself.”

"I reflect on and engage with learning opportunities." vs. "I prefer to gloss over missteps or mistakes because it is more comfortable than addressing them head on."

“I participate in other people’s development.” vs. “I stay silent to avoid hurting feelings or feeling uncomfortable.”

"I provide feedback directly and compassionately." vs. "I provide feedback without the ultimate goal of helping the other person."

“When change happens, I embrace new opportunities.” vs. “When change happens, I fear for the worst."

Nothing like scaling a mountain together to bond the #marketing team! Our CMO Moody and his family led a rock climbing adventure in Banff.

Empathy, No Ego

Social Harmony

What this means: All of our teammates are smart and talented. When we work together we will be successful.

Tips on how to apply this value:

“I work with others to build on great ideas." vs. “I work alone because my ideas are the best.”

"I take interest in my teammates' and users' well being. I know with strong bonds we can go through any tough time together." vs. "I treat my team as resources to help me achieve tasks that advance my interests."

"If the floor is dirty, I sweep the floor." vs. "I wait for the janitor to sweep the floor because some jobs are below me."

Sometimes it's not about a big ego. Sometimes we need guidance on how to handle a bruised ego and learn to be forgiving of ourselves to take the next steps. These rules help give guidance for this set of situations:

"When I fail, I learn." vs. "When I fail, I'm no good."

"I can learn anything I want to." vs. "I'm either good at it or I'm not."

"When I'm frustrated I persevere." vs. "When I'm frustrated I give up."

"If you succeed, I feel inspired." vs. "If you succeed, I feel threatened."

Zapier Retreat 2019
3 min video

Zapier Retreat 2019

Don't Be a Robot, Build the Robot

Impact at Scale

What this means: Invest in tools and processes that lead to outsized impact so Zapier can be more productive than a similar sized company.

Tips on how to apply this value:

"If I see repetitive tasks, I find tools, process, or code that can help us grow efficiently." vs. "I keep doing things they way they've always been done because it's familiar."

"If I find something that works, I continually optimize the process." vs. "When something works, I don't change it in fear of messing it up."

"I'm eager to find a better way to do my role, even if it works myself out of that role." vs. "I avoid exploring new ways to do something out of fear that it'll impact my role."

"I prioritize effectiveness and impact over perfection and precision." vs. "I make sure I achieve perfection in my work."

"I seek alternatives to growing headcount, searching for efficiencies first." vs. "I default to encouraging hiring to solve the problems in front of us."

The thing we’re really excited about is bringing automation to the masses. We see so many small businesses and so many individuals inside businesses using automation to level up their own skills. — Wade Foster Cofounder & CEO
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100% Remote

We're a team of 250+ people living and working remotely in 24+ countries. We're working hard to build a diverse and collaborative team that can empathize with each other to solve hard problems and build a product we can be proud of.

Benefits & Perks

Work From Anywhere
You choose.
Competitive Salary
We pay based on the norms of your country.
Unlimited Vacation Policy
Plus we require you to take at least 2 weeks off each year. We see most employees take 4-5 weeks off per year.
Healthcare, Dental, & Vision Coverage*
*While we take care of our international folks as best we can, currently, healthcare plans are only available to US-, Canada- and UK-based employees.
Retirement Plan with 4% Company Match*
*While we take care of our international folks as best we can, currently, retirement plans are only available to US-, Canada- and UK-based employees.
We share profits.
Company Retreats
2-3 annual company retreats to awesome places.
Parental Leave
14 weeks paid leave for new parents of biological or adopted children.
Computer & Software Setup
Pick your own equipment. We'll set you up with whatever Apple laptop + monitor combo you want plus any software you need.
Awesome Partners
We partner with great software companies all over the world and you'll constantly get to interact with people from these great companies.
Professional Development Allowance
An allowance for your professional development.

Hiring Process

We have a non-standard application process. We ask you to answer a few questions in an online form that directly address your qualifications for the role.

The hiring team reviews applications based on a job-specific rubric. Our interview process varies by role; your recruiter will share what the rest of the interview process will entail on your first video call.

You’ll hear from us throughout the application process. We have made a commitment to applicants that we will be in touch with them at least once per week while they are going through the hiring process.

Get notified about new jobs using our RSS feed or this Zap!

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