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We make interfaces

For over a decade, we’ve helped everyone from tiny web startups to Fortune 50 companies build products that are simple, beautiful and easy to use.

A job that doesn’t feel like a job


We want to give our team the freedom and autonomy to work when and how they please. We hire smart people, give them great work, and treat them like adults — even if they want to start work at 4PM, work from a cafe, or road trip across the United States.

A focus on craftsmanship


We take a breath before we ship and ask “Is this the best we can do? Are we proud of this?” If the answer is no, we go back to the drawing board. We don’t ship work we aren’t proud of, even if it means having an uncomfortable conversation.

There are tons of learning opportunities with the variety of projects that we get to work on. The work ranges from early day startup ideas to new initiatives for established enterprises. — Venus Design Lead in Canada

No jargon or buzzwords

Conscious Communication

We think jargon destroys companies. It’s designed to make one person feel superior, while the other feels less than and nods along. We use simple terms that everyone understands, and we do the same with our clients. Our work speaks for itself, there’s no need to dress it up.

No assholes allowed

Social Harmony

This one is pretty self-explanatory. No political climbers, bullies, yellers, or machiavellian BS. We operate in a climate of mutual respect, and when one bad egg crosses the line, they need to go before they sour the whole bunch, regardless of how talented they are. This goes not only for our team, but for our clients too.

Everyone is beyond talented, but so humble and warm. It honestly feels like we’re all trying to support each other in doing our best work while having some laughs at the same time. — Kathleen Developer in Canada

People over profits

Long-Term Perspective

We’d rather break even than run a company that isn’t enjoyable to work at. Profits are important — they keep the lights on and give us long term security — but we will not compromise the quality of our work or make ourselves miserable in pursuit of financial gain.

As a new parent, it’s so important to work for a company that cares about work/life balance. Because of MetaLab, I get to be part of all those moments in my son’s life that only happen once. — Cleber iOS Developer in Brazil

Be honest, not perfect

Learning & Growth

We all make mistakes and have flaws, and we should be comfortable owning our mistakes and knowing it’s ok to mess up once in awhile. This isn’t about being kumbaya, but accepting the gap between where you are and where you want to be. We think the gap makes us do better work, especially when we’re honest about it.

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Remote Friendly

We hire based on talent, not time zone, so your schedule is up to you. As long as you respect the team and deliver great work, we don't care how, where, or when you get it done.

Benefits & Perks

Unlimited vacation
No, really
Parental leave & family support
For the ever-growing MetaFam
Fitness & equipment fund
To feel your best, both online and off
Health & dental coverage
To take care of you and yours
Learning & development time
Because life is about new challenges...
Retirement plans
...And eventually about not working
Flexible hours & location
For a schedule that’s one-size-fits-you
Dog-friendly offices
Because pups make everything better

Open Positions at MetaLab

7 roles across all teams and all locations

Design Director
Victoria - Vancouver - Remote
Design Lead
Victoria - Vancouver - Remote
Principal Designer
Victoria - Vancouver - Remote
Senior Product Designer
Victoria - Vancouver - Remote
Engineering Lead
Victoria - Vancouver - Remote
VP of Engineering
Product Manager
Victoria - Vancouver - Remote

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